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Fast Car - Vehicle Themed Quiet Book

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Play and Learn with Vehicles!

Learning colors, shapes, numbers and strengthening fine motor skills will be fun with this vehicle themed quiet book that is hands-on, easy to store and carry!
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How To Play

Play and Learn with Vehicles!

Learning colors, shapes, numbers and strengthening fine motor skills will be fun with this vehicle themed quiet book that is hands-on, easy to store and carry!
There are a total of 21 vehicles in this book. You'll find everything from Cars to Fire Trucks, Ambulance, School Bus, Police Car, Helicopter, Rocket, Airplane, Train, Boat, Ship, Submarine, Dump Truck, Mixer, Oil Tanker, Hot Air Balloon, more Cars and Buses and Boats and Trains and Trucks!
The activities are designed around Matching, Sorting, Counting, Numbers, Fine Motor, Order, Logic and Sequence and can be completed independently by the child or with minimum supervision/guidance. 
Cover Page : A yellow car whose windows doubles up as photo slots and wheels that can be snapped on. 
Page 1 : Color Matching 
Aside from color matching the wheels of four service vehicles - Ambulance, Fire Truck, Police Car, School Bus - the child can also identify and name them. Snap Button the spin wheel and rotate!
New Vocabulary, Visual Discrimination SKills, Color Matching Skills and Fine Motor is what you can watch out for on this page. 
Page 2: Object / Shape Matching and Fine Motor 
On this page, the child will be able to see how shapes are used in context and can actually hold and feel the shapes (flat 2D) as opposed to just looking at them in books. 
A circle in a hot air balloon, triangle for a boat, a square and a rectangle that makes a truck - match shapes and learn to button and unbutton! 
Once the child knows the routine of placing and matching shapes, move on to the Three Period Lesson. 
1) This is a Triangle
2) Can you show me the Triangle?
3) What is this? It is a..... (child answers Triangle)
Further, talk about shapes. The Square has four sides. Can you show me the four sides? How many corners does the Triangle have? And so on. 
Page 3 : Sorting - Air, Land and Water vehicles 
Aside from sorting, that is having the child sort the transportation modes into groups under the appropriate category - Water transportation, Air transportation and Land transportation- this page works on answering "where" questions with the help of visual support. 
"Where does the boat go" The boat goes on .....water . 
"Where does the airplane go"  And so on. 
Page 4 : Counting Carriages 
Build the train, identify numbers, sequence the carriages and even play the memory game!
For younger children, while working with the numbers , you may give the child a choice of two numbers to limit the visual field while adding the next number. 
Page 5: What's inside the Garage? 
It could be a Dump Truck, or a Mixer... even an Oil Tanker! 
Learn to thread, lace, tie-untie knots. A child tying a bow has to concentrate deeply, remember and follow a logical sequence of steps and perform precise fine motor tasks which is purposeful partnering between the hands and the mind. 
Page 6 : Road Track - Drive from home to school and back. 
Look out for:
1)Concept of Point A to Point B
2) Lacing 
3) Using Press Studs 
4) Skills - Fine Motor, Order, Sequence, Logic 
All of the parts of this book are handmade. At the end of the book is a zipper pocket - a place for everything so there aren't loose pieces to keep track of when putting them away.
MRP: 2999 Rs (INR)
Country of Origin : India 
Manufacturer and Packer :
Cubs and Calves 
A 205, Atlantis, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 400076 
Phone: 9742067773
Commodity Name: Handmade Fabric Book
Net Quantity:  1 N
Dimension: 20 cm * 20 cm * 15 cm 
Weight: 200 gms 

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